The most convenient office in Aurora, Colorado for patients of all ages with Medicaid!

Any of this sound familiar?

“I have medicaid but I cannot find any office that will see my children.”

“My son has a fever, but his doctor’s office says they are booked up. Maybe he can be seen next week. The say I should take him to the ER.”

“I have been calling just about every office in the phone book until we found you. No one is accepting Medicaid.”

We hear these comments all the time from our new patients. As you know very well, most of the medical offices do not accept Medicaid or apply unfair restrictions just for patients with Medicaid. WE WELCOME MEDICAID. We are a private family practice office that is dedicated to care for patients with MEDICAID.

To affirm our commitment, we have cancelled all contracts with commercial health insurance plans. Beginning May 2010 we dedicated all of our office resource to care for Medicaid patients only. Please see our FAQ page for our reason to drop all commercial insurance plans.