Frequently Asked Questions

What is your “no show” policy?

As we respect your time, you must respect ours. Your appointment time is reserved for you. We do not intentionally overbook our schedule. Please be courteous and call us 24 hours prior to your appointment if you need to cancel. You may call or email us as late as 9:00 AM of your appointment date to cancel. We believe this is a very generous and reasonable cancellation policy. Any cancellations afterward will be considered as no show. There will be $40 fee for all no shows. We reserve right to not see any patient who disregards this policy. Also any new patient who fails to come in for first appointment will not be allowed to schedule with us again.

What is your after hours call policy?

If you call after hours, you will be able to leave message for us to review next office day. If it is VERY URGENT that you need to speak to me after hours, this answering service allows you to leave message which will be sent to me immediately. I will do my best to return your call promptly. I will not return your call if your message is something that can be addressed next day. For example, it is not appropriate to call to request routine medication refill as URGENT. Of course, if you have medical emergency, you must call 911. Our after hours message line cannot be used as substitution for medical emergency.

Why is Family Practice of Aurora NOT accepting private health insurances?

Many are puzzled with this. Some ask how can we survive financially by only seeing Medicaid? This was a difficult decision at the beginning, but became a very easy and obvious decision after much soul searching.

Our staff at Family Practice of Aurora believes in UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE COVERAGE for EVERYONE in our proud nation. Everyone having medical coverage under SINGLE PAYOR system means you and your family will receive medical care when needed and living without fear of not having adequate coverage if you fall ill.

Many have no or insufficient coverage under our BROKEN healthcare system. Unfortunately this cannot be fixed with PRIVATE INSURANCE CARRIERS whose only motive is PROFIT. These companies only answer to WALLSTREET and their money making schemes. Our economy is on verge of being swallowed by healthcare spending, but why should they care. They are laughing all the way to bank with our money.

What Recession?

These private insurances made record profits during 2008 and 2009. They have fought every attempts for any meaningful reform. They cannot be trusted. They cannot be allowed to dictate our healthcare policy. Some may say it is hypocritical for our office to state our given philosophy and at same time accept payments from them. WE AGREE.

We started process of opting out of contracts with all private carriers since 2008. We are pleased that we have now completed this process by May 2010. Delay has been due to completing all contract obligations and to arranging proper transfer to other offices.