Family Practice of Aurora was founded by Dr. Steven Chae with the mission of providing best medical care possible in partnership with our patients. Dr. Chae was recruited by Medical Center of Aurora to start a new practice to serve residents of Aurora. We saw our first patient in January 2003 and it has been an exciting nonstop journey. As our national healthcare system is undergoing changes, so have we.

Of course we had our share of many growing pains, and one of the major change we made happened in 2006 when we started to accept Medicaid. Our initial reason to accept Medicaid was to see more children. As most family practice medical offices in large city, our patients were predominantly adults.

Dr. Chae has always been interested in Pediatrics. In fact his intention when he entered medical school, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, was to go into Pediatrics. He later decided to specialize in Family Practice which is the only medical specialty that allows patients of all ages and sex to be seen. Our initial goal for accepting Medicaid became a huge success as about half of our patient population is now children.

There has been other major metamorphosis for our practice. We started the process of opting out of all contracts with commercial health care insurances such as United, Cigna, Aetna, Anthem, BCBS, GreatWest, etc in 2008. We finally completed this process at the end of 2009 and our office is now totally dedicated to care for Medicaid patients only as they are truly under-served in our community.

We are very excited about our future as a private medical office that is uniquely committed 100% to care for patients with Medicaid. There will always be challenges that lie ahead which must be met, however our commitment to Medicaid patients will never waver.